Live cameras: Canada


Every internet user may get familiar with Canada thanks to the Insecam project. This project is provided by thousands of the public cameras installed in different parts of the country. Huge amount of cameras are provided by Linksys, Foscam and NetCam here.

For many years Canada is being called as the best place to live at. This choice is based on many parameters: health care, environmental care, education quality and accessibility, wages level, individual freedom security. Canada is a multinational country, where many Hindus, Chinese, Latinos and Russians live in harmony.

Due to the complexity of visa receiving, it’s really hard to travel to Canada. But we have the opportunity to make you familiar with this beautiful country sitting in your chair. The Insecam project provides you with the opportunity to observe Canada in a real-time. Thanks to it you can find out how the local people live, what is new there, what weather is now. The real Canada not always being shown by the public TV.

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