Live cameras: Costa Rica

Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country in Central America. It is slightly larger than Switzerland, but it has half as many inhabitants. The capital is San Jose.

Long before the founding of Costa Rica, various peoples lived in this area. The two largest nations are Chorotega and Huetares. In 1502 g p p K K. He called the area the "rich coast," in Spanish: Costa Rica. Soon the area was captured by the Spaniards. Costa Rica became its own raw streu in 1821.

Unlike neighboring countries, Costa Rica has long been a democratic State. The country is also richer than many countries in Central America and South America. Most residents have both Native American and European ancestors. Two thirds live in the highlands, where it is less hot than on the coast. About a quarter of the country's territory is located in nature reserves. Half of the country's territory is covered with trees.

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