Live cameras: Cyprus


Cyprus is an island in the east of the Mediterranean Sea. There are two states in Cyprus: in the south is the "Republic of Cyprus". Almost only people who speak Greek live there. In the "Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus" they speak Turkish. In addition, two small parts of the island, Akrotiri and Dhekelia, belong to the United Kingdom, which has deployed military personnel there. About a million Cypriots live on the entire island, of which a quarter are in the Turkish north.

There are two large mountains in Cyprus. Between them is a green plain with the capital of the Republic of Northern Cyprus - Nicosia. Compared to other islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus has a lot of forests.

Even in ancient times, copper was found in Cyprus. It is an easy-to-process metal because it is well molded. In Greek it is called "kypros", hence the name of the island. Cyprus was also important for shipping. In the ports, ships found shelter from storms. Sailors could also repair their ships and replenish their drinking water supplies.

Tourism is important for Cyprus today. It is very hot here in summer. But in spring and autumn the climate is warm. It rains only in winter, so the weather is warm. The beaches are very popular and there are many hotels. Many vacationers also like the scenery and many old buildings that are considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These are not only Roman villas, but also Orthodox churches. The entire west of the island is a large nature reserve. There are only a few old people living there. The Insecam project allows us to plunge into the life of the island of Cyprus. Every year a lot of water turtles swim out to the beach, which lay eggs here.

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