Live cameras: Algeria


Algeria is a country in the north of Africa. It has a long coastline on the Mediterranean Sea and then extends to the continent. Algeria is the largest country in Africa. It is almost seven times the size of Germany, but it has half as many inhabitants. Almost all of them are Muslims. Algeria is a republic.

Most of the inhabitants live on the coast, the rest of the country is the Sahara Desert. Between the sea and the desert you will find Tellatlas, a long mountain range along the coast. There are many bulkheads on the southern slope of this mountain, these are salt lakes.

Algeria is located on the Mediterranean coast, but there are few tourists here. There is a bit of forest and agriculture in the north. In the north, on the coast, the Mediterranean climate prevails. There is also little arable land there. People grow cereals, sugar beets, potatoes, tomatoes, various beans, dates, tobacco for cigarettes, lemons and oranges. Wine is grown next to it and cattle are bred. There are many date palms in the oases. But all this is not enough.

No country in Africa buys as much food abroad as Algeria. There is very little forest left with stone oaks, cork oaks, special pines and cedars. There are gazelles and desert foxes, special sheep, Berber monkeys, jumping mice, snakes, lizards, scorpions and cheetahs. The desert in the south is dry and hot, the wind often blows from it with a lot of dust. There are almost no plants in the desert, only in a few places with water, oases. The highest mountain, Takhat, is located in the desert. Its peak is located at an altitude of 2908 meters above sea level.

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