Live cameras: Honduras


The Central American Republic of Honduras covers an area of 112,188 km2 and borders the Caribbean Sea to the north and the Pacific Ocean to the southwest. Neighboring countries are located in the southeast of Nicaragua, in the southwest of El Salvador and in the west of Guatemala. In addition, the Islas de la Bahia archipelago, located in the Caribbean Sea, is part of the State territory. The largest island of them is Roatan with the city of the same name.

The rural area of Honduras is mostly mountainous. The exception is Moskitia, a wide coastal plain in the northeast of the country, as well as a narrow strip of lowlands in the Gulf of Fonseca. Numerous rivers flow through the country. The most important of them are Rio Ulus in the northwest, Rio Aquan in the north, Rio Potoka in the northeast and Rio Coca on the border with Nicaragua. All four rivers flow into the Caribbean Sea. The largest river flowing into the Pacific Gulf of Fonseca is the Rio Choluteca. The highest mountain in the country is Cerro Las Minas with a height of 2,865 m.

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