Live cameras: Luxembourg


Luxembourg is a small country in western Europe. The capital is also called Luxembourg. To the east is Germany, to the west is Belgium, and to the south is France. The head of his state is the Grand Duke, this is a kind of king, Albert from a small country.

Fewer people live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, and in some large German cities - Dusseldorf. Luxembourg has three official languages: Luxembourgish, German and French. Almost half of the residents are foreigners.

The country and the capital have the same name. The capital is the largest city. There are government buildings and the residence of the Grand Duke. The first people live around the capital and in the south of the country. The whole country is quite hilly. The Order of the country is located in the Ardennes and is called Osling. The country is the highest here. The south of Luxembourg is called Gutland.

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