Live cameras: Montenegro


Montenegro is a country in the south of Europe. The name means "Black Mountain" in Spanish. Residents call it "Crna Gora", which also means "Black Mountains". In Austria-Hungary, they also said "Schwarzenberg". Montenegro is located in the Balkans, on the shores of the Adriatic Sea, which is part of the Mediterranean Sea. Montenegro is small. 

This area was part of the Ottoman Empire for a long time. The Principality of Montenegro became independent in 1878. Later it became part of Yugoslavia. Montenegro separated from Yugoslavia in 2006 and has been an independent State ever since. Thus, only Serbia remained from Yugoslavia.

About a third of the residents consider themselves Serbs. In addition, Bosniaks, Albanians and other ethnic groups live in the country. The majority of residents are Orthodox Christians, every fifth is a Muslim.

Only off the coast of Montenegro there is a narrow strip of flat land. The rest are mountains and an average height of a thousand meters. Residents live mainly at the expense of services. The government is trying to attract as many wealthy tourists as possible.

Montenegro does not have its own currency. Until 2002, people in the country paid with a German stamp. When the euro was introduced, Montenegrins also started using the euro, even though their country is not even a member of the European Union. Most people earn their money from services.

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