Live cameras: Qatar


Qatar is a country in Asia. It is located on the Arabian Peninsula and has a coast in the Persian Gulf. Qatar is very small. Switzerland is four times larger and has about four times as many inhabitants. Nevertheless, the country is important because of the oil that is extracted there.

The country is an oblong peninsula in the north of Saudi Arabia. In addition, several other small islands belong to Qatar. Almost all of Qatar is a flat, dry desert. There are several marshes in the south.

For a long time this area belonged to the Ottoman Empire. After the First World War, Great Britain dominated the peninsula. Since 1971, Qatar has become independent.

In the years following 1900, people from other Arab countries came to Qatar. Even today, the majority of residents are foreigners: four out of five residents come from India, Bangladesh, the Philippines, Egypt or from another country.

They are mainly working on extracting oil and natural gas from the ground or building new football fields. There are also many large banks in Doha, the capital. Those traveling from Europe to Asia can relax at Doha Airport. The country is quite rich, but most foreign workers live in great poverty and have almost no rights.

Qatar is a Muslim country. Qatar has a constitution, the emir makes laws, and can also determine what the government should do. Qatari citizens are not allowed to elect a parliament.

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