Live cameras: Uzbekistan


Uzbekistan is a state in Central Asia. For a long time Uzbekistan was part of the Soviet Union. Since 1991, it has been independent, like, for example, its neighboring country Kazakhstan. The Uzbek language is related to the Turkish language.

Slightly less than half of the people live in Uzbekistan than in Germany, although the country is much larger. People come from more than 100 different nations. Most of them are Muslims, only a very small part are Russian Orthodox Christians. Many Uzbeks are still very young.

There is no seashore in the country. Part of the Aral Sea is located in the west of Uzbekistan. From there, far to the east, the earth consists almost entirely of desert, steppe and mountains. It's dry there, with cold winters and hot summers. Only in the very east there is a large fertile area used for farming. Their most important product is cotton, which is mainly sold abroad. There is also the production of silk and other agricultural products.

There is a lot of natural gas in Uzbekistan. Oil will also be present, but so far little is used. Other minerals include gold, silver, lead, copper and several other metals. To this is added the uranium needed for atomic energy. There is also an industry that, for example, produces cars of foreign brands. Tourism is not developed, because in Uzbekistan there are no hotels and other amenities that await guests.

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