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Bratislava is a city in Central Europe, the capital of Slovakia. Historic capital of the Kingdom of Hungary (from 1541 to 1684), the First Slovak Republic (from 1939 to 1945) and the Slovak Socialist Republic (from 1965 to 1990). The population of the city is 425 923 people, the agglomeration is about 700 thousand people. The area of ​​the city is 368 km². 

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Bratislava and Vienna are the closest capitals of Europe (55 km and less than an hour of transport accessibility from each other). Bratislava directly borders Austria and Hungary, thus being the only capital in the world bordering two foreign states. Bratislava Kopchyanskaya street turns into Alte-Nordsud-Landesstrasse street of the neighboring Austrian village of Kitsee. Until 1936, one could get from Bratislava to Vienna by city tram. Etymology On the site of the modern city, even before our era, there was the Roman camp Posonium (lat.Posonium).

Later, the Slovak city of Preslav (named after a personal name) was formed in its place. In the Middle Ages, the city was part of Austria and its name turns first to Breslavsburg, and then to Pressburg. With the formation of Austria-Hungary in 1867, the city received the Hungarian name Pozsony - a Hungarian distortion of the Latin Posonium. After the formation of independent Czechoslovakia in 1918, the city was returned to its Slavic name, which over the course of several centuries became popular in Bratislava. According to VA Nikonov, the origin of the toponym from the Slavic name “Bratislav” (or Braslav, Preslav, Vratislav, by analogy with Wroclaw in Poland) can be considered established.

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