Live camera Santiago, Chile

The city of Santiago, which arose thanks to the choice of this place among the picturesque nature of Chile for the construction of the first settlement by the conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, has retained its historical past and is actively developing today. Santiago landmarks Watch camera online in Santiago. The only good mark that the conquistadors left on the soil of Chile is the city of Santiago. Conquistador Pedro de Valdivia, conquered by the amazing beauty of the local landscapes, chose one of the picturesque valleys surrounded by mountain ranges for the construction of a new city. Subsequently, this first settlement of Europeans on the land of the Chilean Indians, which later became the capital of Chile and one of the most beautiful large cities, was completely destroyed as a result of constant military conflicts between the indigenous population and the Spaniards and was rebuilt. Today, one can get an idea of ​​what the lifestyle of the indigenous people of this country - the Chilean Indians - was like in the Museum of Pre-Colombian Art. In its exposition, in addition to household items of this people, you can also see models of representatives of the fauna of those times, which have become very rare today.

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