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The city of Bucharest (Romania)
Bucharest is the capital and largest city of Romania. Located in the southeast of the country and is its most important industrial, economic and commercial center. Bucharest is a city rich in history and diverse architecture, which in the past was often referred to as "little Paris". Now the capital of Romania is dynamically developing, changing its appearance in the direction of modernity, but retains a unique identity.

Bucharest is known for its interesting fusion of different architectural styles and historical monuments: from medieval buildings and ancient churches to neoclassical mansions and monumental buildings of the socialist era. It is a charming city of picturesque parks, excellent museums and remarkable cultural events, which is a symbol of modern Romania.

Geography and Climate
Bucharest is located in the southeastern part of Romania in the center of the Lower Danube Lowland. The city is located on the Dambovita River, about 50 km from the Danube. Bucharest is built on low hills (usually there are 7 main hills by analogy with Rome) and the north is limited by a chain of lakes. The city has a temperate climate with hot summers and cool (often snowy) winters.

The first settlements in the place of today's Bucharest were founded in Antiquity by the tribes of the Dacia. In the early Middle Ages there were several Slavic villages. The first mention of Bucharest dates back to 1459. The city is mentioned as the residence of Vlad Tepesh prince. Later the entire princely court began to reside there. At the end of the 16th century Bucharest was burned by the Turks.

The name of the capital of Romania was formed from the Romanian word Bucurie, which means "joy". There is also a suggestion that the name "Bucharest" is derived from the Dacian (Albanian) word bukur, which is translated as "beautiful".

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