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Orlando is a city located in the central part of Florida. Orlando is known worldwide for its nearby major amusement and recreation parks such as Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort and many others. Orlando is the highest concentration of adult and child entertainment and a popular tourist destination. The population of the city of Orlando is 255 thousand people, while the region around Orlando (Orlando metropolitan area) is home to about 2.1 million people. 

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White settlers appeared in the territories of today's Orlando only in 1836. In 1875, Orlando received the status of a town, and in 1885 - a city. By 1890, the population of Orlando was less than 3 thousand people, and the city's economy was based on the production of citrus fruits. The most important event in the history of the city, which radically changed its future, was the choice of Orlando as the site for the construction of Disneyland "Disney World". In 1965, other Florida cities rivaled Orlando: Tampa and Miami. The decisive factor that influenced the choice of Orlando was its location inside the Florida Peninsula. Hurricanes, not uncommon in the region, would cause far more damage to coastal cities than Orlando. However, in 2004 alone, Orlando was hit by three powerful hurricanes.

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