View camera online in Lombardia, Milan

Milan is famous all over the world for its football club, the majestic cathedral on the main square and the opera house, which gathers all circles of the aristocracy. It is this city that annually in spring and autumn opens shows of world famous brands at Fashion Week. Watch camera online in Milan Getting to know the city It is one of the largest cities in Italy. It is the administrative center of the country's largest region of Lombardy. Milan is undoubtedly an important city in the state, as it is considered its financial capital. It is also called the world capital of fashion. History Milan is an ancient city, one of the oldest in Italy. It was founded by the most ancient Celtic people back in 600 BC. e. around 222 BC. e. The territory of the modern city was conquered by the Romans, who gave it the name Mediolanum. The legend of the city's name says that the leader of the Celtic tribes who invaded Italy during antiquity had an unusual dream. It said that the city must be built on the spot where a wild boar with long hair in front is found. Finding a wild boar on a plain field, the head of the tribe founded a city in this place and named it Medhelanon, which translates as "half-covered with wool" or "in the middle of the plain." The economically rich and prosperous city of Milan was already after the 12th century AD. The city developed both industrially and culturally. At the end of the 15th century, the famous fresco by Leonardo da Vinci "The Last Supper" was created, which is still in the Dominican monastery of Milan.

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