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Geneva is a city in southwestern Switzerland. The capital of the French-speaking canton of the same name and the administrative center of the commune of the same name. With a population of 201 thousand people (2017) Geneva is the second largest city in the country. Foreign nationals make up 48 % of the population. 915 thousand people live within the cross-border agglomeration "Greater Geneva". It is located on the shores of Lake Geneva at the outlet of the Rhone River, near the border with France. In 2014, it was named the best city to live in. Watch online camera in Geneva The city is home to the headquarters of numerous international organizations, including the European Office of the United Nations, the Red Cross, WTO, WHO, CERN, and, until 1946, the League of Nations. Geneva is also a global financial center. The Large Hadron Collider is located near the city. The Rhone River divides the city into two parts. On the left bank of the Rhone is the historical center with St. Peter's Cathedral and the Gothic town Hall, on the right bank — the Palace of Nations and the railway station. The main attraction is the 147 — meter-high fountain. It was first mentioned by Julius Caesar as a Celtic settlement of Genava in the first century BC. In the Middle Ages, it was under the rule of various European states. In the XVI century, the Reformation was carried out, at the turn of the XVIII—XIX centuries it was part of Napoleon's France. In 1815, as a canton, it became part of Switzerland.

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