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Sidney is the largest and oldest city in Australia with an area of ​​12,144.6 km2, with a population of 5,131,326 as of June 2017 . Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. The city was founded in 1788 by Arthur Phillip, who arrived here at the head of the First Fleet, and was the site of the first colonial European settlement in Australia. The city was named by the colonists in honor of Lord Sydney, who at that time was the Minister of the Colonies of Great Britain.

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Sydney is located on the southeast coast of Australia. The settlement was built on the shores of a small round bay - Sydney Cove, located in the middle of the extended Sydney Harbor bay - the southern branch of the Port Jackson bay (harbor), separated by a narrow strait (~ 1 km) from the Tasman Sea. Subsequently, the city was built south of Sydney Harbor (it is up to 20 km long, 1 to 3 km wide and up to 50 m deep), and then around it. This is the reason why Sydney is often referred to as The Harbor City.

Over time, city buildings completely covered Port Jackson Bay, which includes three bays - Sydney Harbor, Middle Harbor and North Harbor. Currently, Sydney has grown even more and includes the Botany Bay of the Tasman Sea located to the south, on the northern shore of which is located the International Airport. Kingsford Smith.

The city of Sydney is famous for its opera house, Harbor Bridge and its beaches. Residential areas of Greater Sydney are surrounded by national parks. The coastline (both external "sea" and intracity) is extremely indented. It abounds in numerous bays, coves, islands and beaches.

According to the 1999 classification of the University of Lowborough, the city is classified as a beta-class city. Sydney has been home to numerous international political and sporting events such as the 1938 British Empire Games, the 2000 Olympics, and the 2003 Rugby World Cup. In September 2007, a meeting of the leaders of the APEC countries took place in Sydney, and in July 2008, International Youth Day was held here.

Sydney is one of the most multicultural and multicultural cities in the world due to the fact that the city is the main residence of immigrants arriving permanently in Australia. According to the Mercer study, Sydney ranks first in Australia for the cost of living and 66th in the world for this indicator.

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