Live camera Meudon, France

Meudon (fr. Meudon) is a commune in France, a southwestern suburb of Paris on the south bank of the Seine in the department of Haut-de-Seine. The hills of Meudon offer one of the best views of the French capital. The population is 44,200 inhabitants. (2005). Watch camera online in Meudon Meudon developed around the residence of the Bourbons, which Louis XIV built for his son, the "great dauphin". After the death of the heir to the throne, the Meudon Palace fell into decay and was finally destroyed during the Franco-Prussian War. Its ruins were transferred to the disposal of a branch of the Paris Observatory. A similar fate befell the Bellevue Palace in Meudon, built for the Marquise de Pompadour by the royal architect Gabriel. Meudon claims the right to be called the birthplace of French aeronautics. In 1880, engineer Charles Renard built a hangar in Meudon, next to which the first aircraft were tested. It was in Meudon that the airship La France took off. In the 19th century, Medon became a true Mecca for the artistic youth. Maupassant, Renoir and Manet lived here, and Rodin's villa with his grave was declared a national museum. The last years of the life of the writers Rabelais and Celine are associated with Meudon. Richard Wagner wrote The Flying Dutchman here, and Marina Tsvetaeva wrote a posthumous message to Rilke (New Year's). In February 1897, a duel took place in Meudon between the poet, novelist and critic Jean Lorrain and the writer Marcel Proust. The reason for the duel was Lorrain's devastating review of Proust's Joy and Days. The second on Proust's side was his friend, the impressionist painter Jean Béraud. Sartre spent several childhood years here. After the revolution in Russia, a small old town located between Paris and Versailles was immediately chosen by refugees from Russia - it was only a 20-minute train ride from the capital to the capital, and apartments here were cheaper. In the late 1920s, the Orthodox Savior-Resurrection Church was built here, painted by Yu.N. Reitlinger. Of the modern inhabitants, the most famous are Johnny Depp and Vanessa Paradis, Boris Spassky lived in Meudon for about 40 years.

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