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Portoferraio - attractions, Elba. Elba Island, Tuscany, Italy. Elba Island is the third largest in Italy, after Sicily and Sardinia. Traveling in Tuscany. The best places in Italy. (Notes from our travels in Europe.) See the 10 best places on the Elbe. Watch camera online in Portoferraio Portoferraio Portoferraio is the capital of Elba Island. All over the world, the island of Elba is associated with the fact that Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled to it. Romantics gladly accept the version that the Argonauts, in the process of searching for the golden fleece, met the sinister goddess Cercea on the island of Elba. And it happened just in the place where the city of Portoferraio is now. It can neither be refuted nor proven. But the remnants of Roman buildings, fortresses, Napoleon's house are definitely there. Portoferraio port The Italian island of Elba is located 10 kilometers from the Tuscan Riviera. Therefore, you can get to it by ferry from Piombino. The port is part of a two-kilometer bay. But if you came on your yacht, then attention! Portoferraio, for local reasons, is the only port in Italy where you have to keep to the left when entering and exiting. However, there is another dubious way to get to the island. And this way is to swim. This "trick" was made by the world champion Gregorio Paltrinieri. It took him 3 hours to reach the island. True, he was accompanied by 50 boat enthusiasts. While walking around the port, do not forget to drop by the grocery market. And then you should visit the street with perfume shops. Pay attention to the famous “Aqua del Elba” perfume. We loved the scent.
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