Онлайн камера Арау, Швейцария

Aarau is a city in the north of Switzerland, on the Aare River, the administrative center of the canton of Aargau. Located at an altitude of 368 m above sea level. 

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The territory of the municipality is 894 hectares, of which 491 hectares are used. Railroad station. Electrical, printing, leather and footwear industry. Some of the best private clinics in Switzerland. History Artifacts of the Neolithic period, the ruins of a Bronze Age settlement, and the remains of a Roman wooden bridge were found on the territory of Aarau. The city was founded around 1240. The first mention of the city dates back to 1256, and city rights were granted to it in 1283. It remained in the possession of the Habsburg counts until its destruction by the inhabitants of Bern in 1415. In August 1712, peace was concluded here, which put an end to the Toggenburg War. In March 1798, the city was occupied by French troops and declared the capital of the Helvetic Republic, becoming the first capital of a unified Switzerland. In 1803, the city became the capital of the extended canton of Aargau. Albert Einstein studied here at the beginning of the 20th century.

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