Онлайн камера Santa Maria Di Sala, Италия

Santa Maria di Sala is a commune in Italy, located in the province of Venice, Venice region. The population is 13,582 people, the population density is 503 people / km². Covers an area of ​​27 km². Postal code - 30036. Telephone code - 041. Watch camera online in Santa Maria di Sala Villa Farsetti Santa Maria di Sala is known in the history of Italian and European culture for its villa-museum, which was created in this area by the patron and art collector Filippo Farsetti. In 1758 he decided to transform the building, already acquired in 1710 by his uncle Anton Francesco Farsetti. On the basis of a project developed in 1758-1762 in Rome by the architect of the Apostolic Palaces Paolo Posi, Farsetti erected a complex of buildings completely different from the traditional Venetian designs. The main building of the villa, which has survived to this day, was built in the then new neoclassical style. Several structures, decorated with 42 marble columns, taken with the consent of the Pope from the ruins of the ancient temple of the goddess Concordia in the Roman forum, included, like Hadrian's villa in Tivoli, reduced model-reconstruction of Campidoglio (Capitoline) in Rome, the temple of Diana and Jupiter of the Capitoline, gardens with statues and large vases, artificial ruins of "antique buildings" (not preserved). There was a small lake among the streams, dams and waterfalls. Of all the features of this wonderful villa, the most notable was the botanical garden, created on the advice of Louis Clerisson, full of rare and exotic plants. Farsetti himself was a good botanist, he was fond of botany from childhood, and contributed, among other things, to the cultivation of magnolia in Italy. Known catalogs of garden plants, which were edited by Farsetti, others, which in 1793 and 1796, compiled by his nephew Anton Francesco Farsetti.
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