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Scarborough is a resort town on the North Sea coast in the English county of North Yorkshire. The population is 50,000 inhabitants, with the suburbs - 108.4 thousand. Watch camera online in Scarborough It was founded in the 10th century by the Viking Torgils Skarthi (that is, hare lip) on the site of a watchtower of the Romans. The very name of the city - Scarborough - comes from the Scandinavian Skarthborg, literally meaning "the fortress of Scarti". In the XII century, Norman feudal lords built Scarborough Castle on a rocky hill, one of the owners of which was Pierre Gaveston. In the Middle Ages, there was a busy fair here, which gave the name to the famous ballad Scarborough Fair. During the English Revolution, Scarborough changed hands seven times. In 1626, healing springs such as those that made the Belgian Spa famous were discovered at Scarborough. The city became the first seaside resort in England. His golden age fell on the 18th century. In 1845, a railway was built to Scarborough, increasing its attractiveness among tourists. As in Bournemouth, Scarborough hosts frequent seminars and conferences. Many Englishmen, after retirement, move here from megacities. The film actors Ben Kingsley and Charles Lawton were born in Scarborough, the writer Anne Brontë is buried.
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