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Siofok is a city in southwestern Hungary, located on the southern coast of Lake Balaton. The largest settlement on the southern shore of the lake, a resort. The city stands in the place where the Shio River flows out of Lake Balaton, connected with the Danube by the Siofok Canal. The city got its name from the name of the river. 

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The population of Siofok as of January 1, 2014 is 25 355 people. Geography and transport The city is located about 115 kilometers southwest of Budapest. The city is crossed by the railway and automobile (E71) highways Budapest - Zagreb. Siofok has regular bus and train connections to Budapest and neighboring cities. Travel time by train to Budapest is about 2 hours. Siofok is an important water transport hub. Siofok port is the largest on Balaton. Both pleasure boats and regular cruises on the lake are moored here.

The Siofok Canal provides transport links between Lake Balaton and the Danube. History See also History of Balaton, History of Hungary The settlement in the place where Shio flows from Balaton existed in the Roman era. In 292 BC. e. The Romans dug the Siofok Canal, which fell into decay, as did Siofok itself after the collapse of the empire.

During the Turkish domination, the canal was restored and used again, which contributed to the growth of the city. However, the real flourishing of Siofok began after the expulsion of the Turks and the entry of Hungary into the Habsburg Empire and was associated with the development of the Balaton coast as a resort region. Siofok received the status of a resort at the end of the 18th century and is still very popular among holidaymakers. In 1882, the famous composer Imre Kalman was born in Siofok.

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