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Concord is a city in the northeastern United States, the administrative center of the state of New Hampshire and Merrimack County. Population - 42.7 thousand people (2010). 

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History Before the arrival of the whites, the territory of the present Concord was inhabited by the Abenaki Indian tribe, whose main occupation was fishing. The Province of Massachusetts Bay, which laid claim to the entire territory west of the Merrimack River, founded the Penacook Colony. It was settled between 1725 and 1727 by the inhabitants of Haverhill under the leadership of Captain E. Eastman. In February 1733, the colony received the status of a city named Rumford, from which the title of Benjamin Thompson, Earl of Rumford originated. Rumford was subsequently renamed Concorde in 1765 by Governor Benning Wentworth due to a bitter dispute over the borders of Rumford and the city of Bow. The new name was intended to reflect the new peace and harmony between the arguing cities . The townspeople who lost the trial received land elsewhere as compensation.

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